Custom Modules

MindFront offers Consulting Services where we can assist with building out custom SynthGrid Modules for the software used by your business.

Our standard commercial terms around this is that they will be owned and operated by MindFront, as well as shared with all other clients of SynthGrid.

We offer this development at a subsidized rate to support enabling your business to use its own toolset within SynthGrid.


Complexity Timeline Indicative Cost
Low 1-2 Weeks 1,000- 5,000 USD
Medium 2-4 Weeks 5,000-10,000 USD
High As Needed 10,000+ USD

Low Complexity Modules

These modules include things like simple API integrations with third-party web services.

An example of this would be a mail relay service, or an industry-specific news source.

Medium Complexity Modules

These modules typically innclude a generally more complete API, with multiple options, features and methods.

An example of this is a standlone service such as a project management tool or web utility.

High Complexity Modules

These modules are full-featured software platforms offering a wide suite of features and tools - MindFront will typically approach these in a project-based manner, focused on iterative, milestone-based introduction of features required by clients as we work towards broader integration of the platform.

An example of this would be a full-featured CRM, such as Zoho or Hubspot, or a business software platform such as an ERP.

Standard Terms

MindFront typically develops modules under the following terms:

  • Client must have an active SynthGrid License.
  • MindFront and Client define acceptance criteria.
  • Client pays 50% deposit paid upfront (refunded if development is not completed).
  • MindFront develops the module, working iteratively with the client to reach the acceptance criteria.
  • MindFront demonstrates the module passes acceptance criteria.
  • Client renders remaining payment.

MindFront retains 100% ownership of the IP and source code for the module developed, but consequently assumes all on-going maintenance costs to ensure the module remains functional.