One AI System. All of your tools.

SynthGrid is an integrated software platform for businesses using AI.

SynthGrid is entirely developed in-house by MindFront, and uses no open source AI libraries or tools.

A monumental amount of engineering has gone into building out SynthGrid since inception in 2023, and we have reached a functional, feature-rich and stable product in that time, having had real-world deployments of SynthGrid since Q3 2023.

We offer a leading system, with all information presented on this page accurately reflects the state and production-readiness of the software at the time of the documentation being written. Things do change and improve, but broadly speaking this serves as documentation of current features rather than hype-focused speculation, plans, or wishful thinking.

MindFront is currently accepting applications to our Pilot Program. Contact us if you believe your company would be a good fit.