Pilot Program

MindFront is accepting applications to join the SynthGrid Pilot Program as we scale towards wider deployment.

We are looking for businesses with the current criteria:

  • SMB with 10-100 employees
  • Non-technical industries
  • B2B focused offerings
  • Annual Revenue exceeding 1M USD

MindFront is willing to waive some of these requirements for businesses that share our passion for AI, technology and the future of business.

Contact us for more information about the pilot program.

Pilot Program Cost

The general costing (USD) for a pilot program is:

  • Onboarding Fee
  • Synth License Fees (Monthly, per-Synth)
  • API Costs (variable, typically 25-100 USD/Synth/Month, depending on usage1)
  • No per-user fees

If you require MindFront to help operate and administrate your server, we can do this via our Fully Managed Deployment for an additional $200/month.

Synth Licensing Cost Breakdown
Synth Type Cost (USD/Synth/Month)
Team Synth 500
Personal Synth2 100
Executive Synth 1,500

  1. This depends on usage, model choice and task complexity Estimates are provided from real-client usage with GPT-4 Turbo as the chosen model. ↩︎

  2. Personal Synths may only be purchased if there is at least one Team Synth license on the SynthGrid. ↩︎