Task Sources

Task sources serve as a mechanism to start events within the SynthGrid system.

We provide an ever-growing list of task sources, aiming to provide valuable, structured and well-designed paths to accomplishing your business objectives.

Task sources typically come in two types, Forms and Reactive Tasks.

Task Forms

Forms are a quick way to get something done in SynthGrid by starting a task - they allow for a simple discoverable mechanism to fill in some useful information and get a task moving quickly.

They are a great place for new users to start as they explore the system, and a valuable mechanism for automation and extension in the future.

Reactive Tasks

Reactive Tasks occur in reaction to some external event or trigger. These are only made possible thanks to SynthGrid’s proactive architecture.

These events typically relate to business events - such as receiving an email or creating a Memory in the SynthGrid Vault.

Reactive Task Sources are a key building block for business automation in SynthGrid.