Synth Autonomy

Synths broadly come in two forms - Semi-Autonomous and Fully Autonomous Synths1.

Semi-Autonomous Synths

Semi-Autonomous Synths are able to complete tasks in response to human requests or reactive task sources. A semi-autonomous Synth can accomplish a lot, but often will require human oversight and collaboration to reach their goals. This is by design, and ensures a high level of accuracy and reliability through co-operative workflows.

Semi-Autonomous Synths are the default currently provided to clients.

Fully Autonomous Synths

Currently undergoing evaluation, but largely pending improved language models at this time, fully autonomous Synths differ from Semi-autonomous synths in their ability to carry out tasks to completion.

Fully Autonomous Synths will be priced higher than Semi-Autonomous Synths, reflecting their increased capabilities and operational costs.

  1. MindFront is only currently offering Semi-Autonomous Synths as part of our Pilot Program. ↩︎