System Architecture

MindFront believes in Vertical Integration in Software Design.

SynthGrid is a totally independent AI Agent framework written from first-principles. Its only dependency being a connection to an upstream LLM provider such as OpenAI or Anthropic.

Business Presence

Your SynthGrid is always operational, running proactively in the background for your business. Synths will accomplish tasks either on their own or on a user’s behalf.

You can connect to your SynthGrid at any time from Mobile or Desktop platforms (Mac/Windows/Linux supported) to view the latest status of your system, give instructions or update tasks.

Isolated Deployments

SynthGrid is built to provide continuous, online, dedicated deployment for businesses.

We deploy to a dedicated machine per-business for each SynthGrid, either on-premises or fully managed in the cloud. This ensures total isolation of every SynthGrid instance from one another, allowing for secure data handling and respect for geographic boundaries.

All of your data lives within your business boundaries and is neither shared with MindFront1 or any other third-party provider.

Custom Agent System

SynthGrid uses its own proprietary AI Agent framework and execution platform. We do not use AutoGPT, OpenAI’s Agents API, nor LangChain in any capacity.

SynthGrid does not use any Open Source AI project, as these do not provide sufficient quality and nor reliable execution.

We do not leverage or use any open source AI technology or Agent APIs.

All of our integrations (SynthGrid Modules are written in-house to an extremely high standard of reliability and ease-of-use.

Model Independence

SynthGrid is able to operate with a range of LLMs. We currently support and endorse the Claude series of LLMs from Anthropic and the GPT series from OpenAI.

MindFront has conducted successful research prototypes both Meta’s Llama Series and Mistral AI’s Models being used within SynthGrid.

This is highly advantageous as a property for your business as it allows you to rapidly pivot to the optimal mix of speed, reasoning and cost based on its requirements.

Fully Streamed with Low Latency

We have designed SynthGrid to greatly minimize the Time To First Token (TTFT) through a combination of bespoke database design, proprietary matching algorithms for RAG, and highly optimized caching.

Every action in SynthGrid operates in realtime throughout the whole application - with all output, actions and tasks streamed to all of the users token-by-token as it develops.

  1. SynthGrid offers an optional, opt-in sharing of bug reports and feedback. This allows MindFront to automatically triage, iterate and fix any issues that arise in the real-world use of your SynthGrid system. This is disabled by default in all deployments. ↩︎