Clearances are essential identifiers such as HR or ACCOUNTING, attributed to both Users and Synths, controlling access to all resources within your SynthGrid.

Clearances are security labels from Lattice-based Access Control.

Users, Synths, Memories and Knowledge Sources all have clearance levels associated with them.

Table of Access Requirements

For a User or Synth to access something in your SynthGrid, they must have clearances according to the table.

Clearances required
Synth All Clearances of Synth
Another Human At least one Common clearance
Memory All Clearances of Memory

How to acquire clearances

Clearances are centrally assigned by System Administrators.

You can ask your system administrator to create, update, change or edit clearance levels at any time. Clearance levels allow for your SynthGrid to accurately reflect the knowledge boundaries within your organization, restricting this to specific users and Synths within specific roles.