AI represents a significant risk factor for your organization. For Mindfront, security is non-negotiable and we take a focused, proactive approach.

SynthGrid supports and strongly encourages both Biometric and/or Hardware authentication to access your SynthGrid. Authentication is exclusively by FIDO-2 Passkeys using the WebAuthN Standard.

Corporate Policy Selection

MindFront does understand that not all organizations have the technical training or know-how to support hardware-based authentication - so we offer a range of policies that can be chosen for each SynthGrid.

These are presented from most to least secure:

Security Policy Convenience Security
Hardware Key Only Inconvenient Paranoid
Hardware Or PhoneKey Average Excellent
Any High High
Passkey Only High Good
Passwordless Passkey Only Grandmother Proof Good

Additional VPN Requirement

To even-further protect your IP and business information, we ensure that each SynthGrid is only accessible within a dedicated VPN, either administrated by your company’s IT department or by MindFront as part of our service offerings.

This means that your company’s SynthGrid is not available for public access from the internet, adding an additional layer in the chain of trust.

MindFront believes that a cautious approach, ensuring compliance with model usage and a general abundance of caution when utilising this nascscent technology is advisable, reflected in our ongoing commitment to security and defense in depth approach to security.