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MindFront offers consulting services focused on business applications of AI.

While our primary focus is on the development of SynthGrid, consulting remains available at this time. We focus on high-end bespoke consultations at the executive, strategic, and architectural level with key decision makers in your organization. MindFront has an industry-leading understanding of AI applications as deployed in real-world businesses across a range of industries.

Typical services are presented below.

1. Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Roadmap

Assist organizations and enterprise with defining their AI strategy through comprehensive evaluation and the development of roadmaps, goals and strategy that enable business objectives through AI.

Example Projects:

2. Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Architectural, decision making, and development support in classical (non-LLM) machine learning scenarios. These are typically challenging, numeric, statistical or data-intensive problems beyond the range of normal business intelligence or data science.

Example Projects:

3. Image Generation with Diffusion-based Models

Employ diffusion models, either on-premises or via cloud integrations to deliver visual content within known parameters. MindFront has extensive experience with the deployment and usage of these systems.

Example Projects:

4. Ad-hoc AI Development & Integration

Most of our development time is focused on the deployment of Custom SynthGrid Modules, which we are willing to develop at generally highly-favourable rates, but MindFront will make available a limited amount of bespoke development time to our clients if truly needed. We strongly prefer to focus at this time on strategic, high impact projects, or low-intensity maintenance of critical AI infrastructure.

Example Projects:

5. AI Training & Education for Executives

MindFront delivers training and educational programmes designed to aid organisations in honing in-house AI expertise, with an emphasis on the upper echelons of management. We cover a myriad of areas with training conducted by charismatic and knowledgable educators that cater to an array of learning styles and skill levels.

Example Projects:

Guide to Fees and Timelines

Service Timeline Typical Estimate
AI Strategy & Roadmap 1-2 weeks $20,000 - $40,000
AI Consulting As-needed $200 - $500 per hour
Data Analytics & Machine Learning 1-3 weeks $25,000 - $60,000
Image Generation 1 week $5,000 - $25,000
AI Training & Education for Executives As-needed $500 per hour

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