Comparison with ChatGPT

SynthGrid differs from ChatGPT in 4 key areas:

  1. Quality Focus: We focus on providing the absolute highest quality of output. Our bias is strongly towards quality over cost minimization.

  2. Agentic Platform: SynthGrid is an agent based platform. Synths can do significantly more than just chat, being proactively able to start, co-operate and complete tasks on their own. Synths have vastly more capability than ChatGPT.

  3. Model Independent: SynthGrid is independent of any specific LLM provider (such as OpenAI). We allow multiple providers to be used within a single SynthGrid, significantly de-risking your business against outages and technological change.

  4. Data Separation: SynthGrid only operates in dedicated environments with support for on premises deployment, to comply with the highest level of data protection. None of your data is saved with MindFront or any third parties1, and is not used to train any AI systems.

Superior Task and Chat Performance

SynthGrid uses a combination of the latest research, proprietary techniques and best practices to produce better output than ChatGPT for identical prompts.

At this time, there is unanimous agreement amongst our Pilot Customers that the performance and ability of our Synths greatly exceeds ChatGPT.2

MindFront does not operate or create our own LLMs, and there is no secret technological breakthrough here - just consistently applied, excellent engineering at both the system and prompt level handling.


The most fundamental difference between SynthGrid and ChatGPT is that SynthGrid is proactive.

This means that, your SynthGrid is always running in the background, ready to perform tasks and operations on its own, proceeding as far as it can before requiring user input. You can simply login to have a draft task waiting approval, instead of needing to initiate it manually.

SynthGrid’s Architecture is built to support this kind of workflow from the ground up.

Offline and On-Premises Deployment

Each SynthGrid operates either on-premises or on virtual server provisioned exclusively for your company.

Neither MindFront nor any Third Parties store, process or train data on your business information, as it does not leave your SynthGrid server.

Given our vertically integrated architecture, SynthGrid has the possibility to run entirely offline using your own hardware and compute capacity to operate local LLMs. This is not a configuration we advise for most Businesses, but can be accommodated for cases where legal, practical or ethical considerations necessitate total data isolation.

Enterprise Focused

SynthGrid is built from the ground up around integrating into your existing companies systems and leveraging your existing data through AI.

Many of our features are ahead of ChatGPT in terms of business usage, development, along with a wide suite of business-focused integrations.

  1. Data may be submitted to LLM provider APIs, but these APIs do not persist any of your business data for training or analysis. MindFront can use region-specific deployments of LLMs via Azure and AWS to comply with data management regulations, or operate SynthGrid entirely offline via local models if necessary. ↩︎

  2. This is reported by our users. Comparisons are typically performed against ChatGPT using the GPT-4 model, using identical prompts into both systems. ↩︎