On-Premises Deployment

SynthGrid is designed to and runs best entirely on-premises.

On-Premises deployment has a range of benefits from data security, costing, and integration with existing infrastructure.

Alternatively, MindFront offers Fully Managed Cloud Deployments if that better suits your business needs.

Data Security

By hosting in a dedicated, on-premises environment, we are able to ensure all data is isolated and secured directly on the business’ premises.

This is a highly valuable and often necessary step in ensuring compliance with various Data Protection Legisliation, such as GDPR, HIPAA1. SynthGrid’s flexible design is aimed to ensure that compliance is largely a matter of ensuring that the systems which interconnect into your SynthGrid are themselves individually compliant.

Reduced costs

By using a dedicated machine to host SynthGrid,there is no recurring monthly rental cost for cloud virtual machines. This helps keep costs predictable, simple and offers highly favourable economics considering the hardware requirements and the cost of Cloud-based infrastructure.

Interop with Existing Infrastructure

At larger businesses, it’s highly likely that existing infrastructure, VPNs etc are already widely used and well-supported. Deployment on-premises allows for seamless integration with this existing infrastructure.

Fully Offline

On-Premises deployment allows for a configuration in which SynthGrid is able to run entirely offline, but is highly dependent upon the state of the art of local models and the available hardware requirements. Our suggested model for these deployments is Mistral Large, but this requires special permission and licensing from Mistral AI.

Please contact us for a technical discussion if fully offline is part of your deployment requirements.

  1. Note from legal - running on-premises alone may not necessarily ensure full compliance with each of these legislated requirements, but is a significant aid in controlling and managing data in a compliant manner. ↩︎