MindFront is a firm incorporated in 2023 aiming to accelerate business process through the use of AI.

We are building a future in which AI works with Humans to solve real-world problems.

What do we do?

We are the creators of SynthGrid - a vertically integrated, bespoke, proprietary agentic AI software platform focused on executive acceleration and business automation.

SynthGrid is not currently available for public purchase, but has been deployed in a number of businesses since Q3 2023 with significant success. We are currently accepting applications for enterprises into our pilot program - contact us if your business would be a good fit.

Supporting this, MindFront also offers some high-end consulting services focused on supporting strategic decision makers in enterprise organizations during this transition into an AI-first world.

Who is behind MindFront?

We are a profitable, self-funded, bootstrapped startup, and are not currently seeking external investment.

What next?

Read our Articles, discover SynthGrid or browse our Services.